Monday, January 24, 2011

I'm out this week

Hello all friends,
I am out for this week! No posts all week. My brother is going to be home tonight who I haven't seen for almost two full years because he was stationed in japan. He is going to be home for a full month... Woo hoo;-) the other thing is that while at my daughters swim meet this weekend I tripped and fell and severally injured both of my knee caps. Ugh they hurt so bad. I can't climb the steps to get to my craft room;-) it is going to be a very long week... On a side note I have been getting lots of things done on my gypsy so I will lots lots of great new projects next weekend... On another note I have finally broke down and ordered an imagine. I can't wait to get it;-) I also plan to get a new flip for more videos. So far on my videos I have been using my iPhone but the downside is that I have to have my hubby here to hold it will I tape the episode so with a flip I will be able to do everything by myself even when he is at work;-) which in turn means more videos for everyone;-). I hope you all have a great week. Big hugs;-)


  1. I hope you are on the mend soon and that you enjoy this month with your Brother.

  2. Hope you feel better soon! OK, trying to figure out the iPhone app and can't help!

  3. Kellie,

    Sorry you got hurt, hope you get better soon. I am glad your brother is home from Japan. My oldest son who is 19 is being stationed in Japan as of April 1. Enjoy your time with him. Love your blog.

  4. I am a new follower, been following you on FB, didn't realize I wasn't following your blog. Only 2 more to go!!! I hope your knees feel better soon. Can't wait to see your new projects.
    Melissa D

  5. Enjoy your brother. I have an Imagine and I love it! I never had the other Circut machine so I have no comparison, but I do like the printing and cutting...very professional looking.